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I installed the service pack 2 for Windows XP and it tells me I don't have a virus scanner installed. I guess microsoft doesn't yet recognize F-prot as being legitimate antivirus software.
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A follow up

Well, as bug as Windoze ME can be it seems that a quick brush off as an inferior op sys was too hasty. Doing some light research, I realized all I had to do was run a windows update and reinstall IE (which was slightly roundabout, considering the ole32.dll error prevented me from opening the Microsoft webpage. Oh, Mozilla, how I love thy free downloadability)

With any luck, none of you will have to troubleshoot Windows ME... but if you do, Google and some poking around are your friends.
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non-supported question

Ok, so...

My sister's machine at home is running Windows ME (yeah- I know.) And she thought there was spyware on it. Regedit.exe was entered, and Ole.dll was ripped from much of the registry. This is a bad thing. The system is now most unstable, receiving a panoply of error messages from Helpctr to the dreaded Kernel32. Further, it will not print, nor can it open IE windows in the "open-in-new window" feature... the shift+click trick doesn't get around this.

So.... basically, the question is: how do I fix a hosed registry that's had Ole.dll removed against its will?